Douglas I am.

Hello, my name is Douglas Omar Sanchez, but feel free to call me Doug, Douglas or Dougie. I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering (2A) with a concentration in product design. My self taught hobby and strongest skill is graphic design (I’m an Adobe Illustrator Certifed Expert). I am use to applying the design process to making products but not to civic media projects. I believe in the theories of democratic design and am excited to learn new ways to apply those theories to more than just consumers products.

Hello, this is Carrie.

Hello people! My name is Jiahui Liang but I usually go by the nickname Carrie. I was born in GuangZhou, China and I moved to the United States when I was 10 years old (in 2003). I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering (course 2) at MIT. I am interested in product development, robotics, and web design. I am hoping to apply my engineering skills to solve some real world problems and learn more about civic media and other social movements through this class. I am looking forward to working with you all this semester!

Hi, I’m Nene

Hi everyone, I am Nene. My parents emigrated from Nigeria in the 80s and we moved around a bit before settling in Stone Mountain, GA. I moved to Cambridge for college at Harvard in 2005 and spent my summers as a youth worker running summer camps in Boston. I did some consulting work in D.C. right after I graduated in 2009 before I came running back to Boston. I’ve been a youth worker/organizer in the city for about 4 years now. I am also currently a Masters in City Planning student at MIT. I am interested in the intersection of “new/alternative” economic development, shifting culture/challenging dominant narratives, and [youth/multi-generational] organizing. I hope to eventually support young people in developing new economic and political institutions such as worker/housing cooperatives, credit unions, participatory budgeting etc. as part of community economic development and organizing strategies.

I think this course will build on my previous experience in participating in/designing collaborative processes, as well as teach me some multi-media skills I can use and pass on to others.

Hello, World! This is Qian.

Hello everyone!

My name is Qian, a senior in course 6-3 (Computer Science). My CS interests lie in systems and AI, and I have experience with web and mobile app development. I am hoping I will be able to apply my skills in this class. I am looking forward to working with community partners this semester to design something that will be beneficial. I am also looking forward to working with a diverse team with people across all majors because that is not something I get to do often in my course 6 classes.

I am.

I am Birkan Uzun. I am an international student from Cyprus. I am a junior studying Computer Science and Engineering at MIT. I am interested in web development, data visualization and computer vision. I am very excited to be a part of the Civic Media: Codesign Studio class. I am hoping to learn as much as I can about designing for Civic Media and to apply my software engineering skills in the real world for our projects with the partners from the community 🙂

Peter says hi, too.

I am originally from in and around Milwaukee, WI, moved to the Twin Cities for college and stayed a while, now I am here in Somerville. Since graduating from college I have worked with the crew of a teen produced television show, taught art and video production at community media centers, libraries, museums, and parks, and produced videos for exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Most recently, most of my paid work was as a youth worker/manager with the Teen Tech Crew, a crew of 9 high schoolers who teach creative technology workshops for peers in 3 libraries. I also organize a bi-monthly community video screening in Minneapolis to try and get folks who haven’t produced media before to give it a try, and provide a space for experienced folks to share their work.

I’m really interested in personal and community storytelling, museums, informal education, community media/technology, social change movements and the overlap of all of these things. I am currently an EdM student in the Technology, Innovation, Education program at the Harvard Ed school.