EFF Project Update #11

We have been working with Alvaro from Neo on the Drupal site, which you can view at ssd-staging.eff.org/en. We are still working a bit on the overall look and some of the content. During the mini disco-tech in class on Wednesday, we will have time for everyone to explore the site.

Our presentation for class can be viewed here. We are still finalizing and incorporating feedback into our case study.

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EFF: Project Update #10

For this week, we focused on finalizing our images and design elements. Alvaro from Neo should have a working site up by this Friday, so once he does, we’ll start to actually implement the site. Hopefully, we’ll be done with that by next Wednesday (last class!). Again, the mockup of the website design is here.

In the meantime, we’ve made an interactive mockup that shows where the GIFs go inside the written content (for the finalized content sections).. We also have a mockup of an interactive flowchart here. Any and all feedback is welcome!

airgap email2 securecomputer metadata passwords



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EFF: Project Update #9

This week, we met with Alvaro from Neo and continued to work on graphics and tools to accompany the SSD content.

We asked Alvaro to help us build a Drupal theme based on our wireframes into which we will dump our content. We went over the wireframes that we put up last week and generalized them to specify a more structural layout that he will be able to work with (view here), the structural layout is below the original mockup). He will be providing us with an update by Wednesday, and he hopes to have the completed theme done by next week.

We have a few more completed graphics, and we are still working on more graphics as well as an interactive threat model flowchart tool.

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EFF: Update #8

This week we made some more prototypes and worked on the case study – now that we have another iteration of the website, we’re hoping that someone at Neo can make us a Drupal template into which we could send all of the information. Up next – hopefully we’ll be meeting with someone at Neo soon, and since Jillian sent us a few more final versions of the text, we’ll be making some more animations.

Case Study
Click below the cut for prototypes

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Update #7: EFF

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.14.21 PM
Last week the EFF (Jillian & Eva) led a discussion on threat modeling and how and why we might want to make threat models. Afterwards, as a class, we split into groups and worked through some of the different modules, thinking through interactive and visual elements. We talked about doing anything from flow charts to inserting animated GIFs.
 2014-04-09 19.09.51 2014-04-09 19.10.00
We also got some feedback from Hugh and this is the next iteration of the design (it’s cat-free!).
 Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.25.51 PM
At the moment, we’re going to start thinking more critically about design elements and ask Neo for help with a framework for the website. Here are a few of the design elements (in various draft-y states).

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.08.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.08.45 PM

batman threat model



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EFF: Project Update #6

Last week we had a really productive meeting with Jillian and Mark (and Becky). Jillian had some feedback about the visual elements of the website, and Mark had some thoughts about the current staging site and the more technical aspects of the site, particularly the various Drupal modules which he’s installed. We talked about a timeline for the project – our goal is to have a functioning prototype within the next week or so. The goal of our first project iteration is to allow us to assess the overall design of the site.

Over the weekend, we met up to try to hack something together. Unfortunately, we struggled a lot with just installing Drupal and getting into our Virtual Machine, as well as understanding the structure of the repo, but after spending hours poring over the code, we’re starting to get a handle on Drupal, and we’ve developed a work plan for this week. Hopefully, now that everything’s installed and we have access to the staging site, the github repo, and the virtual machine, things will be smoother sailing from here on out.

The first step in our work plan will be to finalize the design of the SSD home page and individual content pages and then implement them with our custom Drupal theme. Then we will be able to focus purely on the content of the site.

This is the week the EFF will be presenting in class, and we’ll be doing an interactive workshop afterwards.

– Paulina & Wei-Wei

Some first layout ideas:

Homepage Design 1
Our first potential layout for the homepage we sent to Jillian and Hugh.

Homepage Design 2
After some feedback from the EFF, we changed the navigation bar, and the sidebar’s “New Content” would be a Blog stream.

Content Page Design
Our first idea for a module’s page layout with an embedded prezi.
Not sure about embedding prezis, but that top part would be some sort of graphical or interactive thing. Sidebar helps organization and navigation of the text content.

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EFF: Project Update #5


Over the past two weeks, we have signed our working agreement, met with Jillian to go over some ideas and wireframes, and been introduced to two new EFF members, Hugh from the design team (designed the logo above) and Mark from the tech team.

During our meeting with Jillian, we showed her two mockups of the SSD site, one for the homepage and one for a content module. We also discussed our ideas for making the content more interactive and bite-sized such as Prezis or Buzzfeed-style articles. Since the content needs to be available in many different languages, we have to keep in mind how to make these content bits easily translatable. Jillian also sent us the module list, so we are beginning to organize the modules for the site’s navigation bar.

Jillian also introduced us to Hugh (design) and Mark (tech). Mark has added us to the github repository for the working version of the SSD site, so we will begin exploring what they have implemented and how to work from there.

We will be meeting with Jillian, Eva, Mark, and Becky on Monday (3/31) to go over the more technical aspects of the site and to plan out an implementation schedule.

We will show the class our wireframes and example interactive modules on Wednesday during the project presentations.

– Paulina & Wei-Wei

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EFF: Project Update #4

This past week, we met up with Eva. Going over the threat model workshop and the personae together really helped us to understand what kinds of people might access the website. We also discussed the “Being an Ally” component of the site, as well as how someone might want to access the site (ie. what are they looking for? Why would they use this site? How will they navigate through it? What are the specific countersurveillance measures certain people might need?)
Moving forward, we’ve started to think really critically about how to visualize all of the complicated text in smaller, more interactive pieces, and we’ve also started wireframing a few things and talking through our design likes/dislikes (we’re anti-carousels, but they may be our best option?). We’ll be meeting with Jillian this week, so we should have some visuals to share soon.
Our Working Agreement is here.
– Paulina & Wei-Wei
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