Restoring Roots – First Presentation

This past week was a busy one! We met on a couple of occasions to clarify our goals and actions, and it worked out pretty well. Each team member took on various activities where they felt they could contribute best, and then delivered on it.

Creation of our presentation turned out to be a great review of where we stand, and what challenges we might have coming our way. The trans-media campaign is approaching actionable public efforts, and given we pay close attention to how it plays out, we could learn a lot in the process of getting it out there.

Throughout our meetings, everyone engaged to help define this trans-media campaign more succinctly. Noah established a set of hash tags we could use, each based upon a single tenet of the principals of permaculture. We all discussed how we could get the message out there: where should it be shared, by whom, when, and how can we assess the impact. Of course, additional questions arose as we progressed, such as “How do we reach social media influencers, and are they likely to help?” Updates to our canvas continue to capture needed resources, partners, and additional questions that have come up.

In our presentation – which was a great group effort led by Hannah – you can find the overview of our progress. The wire frame put together by Andres demonstrates the campaigns overall look, feel, and some example content for Restoring Root’s site.

Interviews have also continued as necessary as well, with Bridgett spearheading research on multiple fronts: her interviews ranged from commercial grass blend/breeding operations to the Amish, and finally with indigenous North Americans.

Otherwise, Restoring Roots has been busy preparing for launch of a campaign. Currently, Noah is ensuring their site has good metrics being captured so we can make measurements moving forward.

Chris Thompson (Agaric) Introduction

I do not fancy myself a designer, but I have managed to make a couple things that were both useful and usable. I’ve also built some things that were a much more complex, and then struggled some to present them in a way that exposes the underlying power in an intuitive way. Hopefully, I’ll come away with some new ideas or patters for approaching similarly complicated software systems. In the process, hopefully my ability to see the larger patterns and requirements of an organization will prove helpful.

I’m of the persuasion nature is balanced, and much of our accounting of things is detrimental to our becoming a balanced society. I find people such as Daniel Suelo inspiring and refreshing. The only sort of accounting of our world that makes any real sense to me would be along the lines of what The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project might use.

Thank you for providing a space for us to contribute!