Interview with Jerron

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.32.26 AM jerron-hermanAfter interviewing Jerron, I learned a lot about him. At NuVu we had already interviewed him to create a wearable sculpture for him to wear in a performance. I loved the energy that Jerron gave off when he was talking about his dancing and work that he does and I think you can hear his excitement in the recording. Before talking with Jerron, I thought of activism as protests, writing, art, or movies. I never thought about dance as a way of activism. Jerron works with On Display which is a dance group that invites people to look at people with disabilities. It is fighting the social norm and showing off the uniqueness of people in every way. As someone who used to dance, I would have never thought to use dance to get my point across. I think by doing this, Jerron and the rest of the dancers are really putting themselves out there in a way that people will love and understand.



About Me – Madeline

Hello All! My Name is Madeline and I am attending NuVu for the winter term. I am a Sophomore at Beaver Country Day School. At Nuvu I have done many projects such as creating my own virtual reality video and creating an interactive installation about the Refugee Crisis. Currently, I am working on a fashion and design project that is creating wearables for disabled people who are in an exhibit in New York. I am apart for many things at Beaver such as Field Hockey, Softball, Model UN, and Girls Who Code. I am very excited for this course because as a younger person in this world, I feel like my opinions are often overlooked and can not be heard. I am hope to learn more about civic media and how to become a stronger activist.

A person that inspires me is Azure Antoinette. Azure is a poet, writer, and performer. I first discovered her when I watched one of her Ted Talks in history class. She talked about a broad range of topic from  what you love to finding happiness in you life. The things she talked about were very inspirational and they are important topics to touch upon.