inPUBLIC is a festival to reclaim public spaces throughout Boston.

inPUBLIC is a 3-day festival in September that will take across public sites in Upham’s Corner and downtown Boston. The purpose of this festival is to activate spaces for public-making – where familiar and unfamiliar people can come together to engage with familiar and unfamiliar activities. Through forms of verbal discourse, such as panels and discussions, as well as other forms of discourse, such as art-making, play, and food, we hope to spark new ideas, conversations about difficult issues, and a stronger sense of a right to the city and its public-in-theory spaces.

Planning a  multi-site, multi-day festival requires a lot of thinking on spatial, temporal, and material factors. Within each site, the festival also requires thinking on how the energies of different activities and visual pieces will intersect — what kind of atmosphere will the festival create at different points in time? Given that many factors can change throughout the stages of planning this festival, we wanted to create something that could be used modularly throughout the planning process. As a result, we created a Festival Planning Toolkit that addresses 3 aspects of the planning process: figuring out the spatial layout of the activities at each site, creating a timeline for when different activities will take place, and understanding the logistical needs and impact of each activity.

Final Presentation:

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