Design Brief: Hacking the Archives (Ben and Annie)

A map of the proposed Inner Belt, circa 1968.
The planned “Inner Belt” highway extension through Boston that never came to be, thanks to the efforts of activists and local residents in 1969. The protests ended the Inner Belt project and would later facilitate the extension of accessible public transportation throughout the Boston area.

In order to collect, preserve, and share the experiences and lessons of past generations of Boston-area activists, and in order to engage the public with grounded, accessible, and inclusive archival histories of activism, we are proposing the creation of a hackathon where organizations, youth groups, scholars, and individuals will come together to develop projects to create a new “activist archive” that link together the multiple struggles of the 1960s with their growing contemporary political relevance. We will be bringing together six Boston-area organizations and working alongside their representatives to develop their pitch projects at the hackathon, taking place in May. Eventually, projects begun at the hackathon will be led and developed by youth over the summer to be used and displayed within the community.

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