Salvador Jiménez-Flores


I am a nomadic artist who journeys through the Americas, creating rasquache art and high art, speaking Español, English and Spanglish. Occasionally, I feel I have a static sense of identity and sometimes I have an inventory of multiple identities. I fit in here and there but No soy ni de aquí ni de allá. I am one, in two worlds.

The move from a rural town in México to a major metropolis in the United States had a tremendous impact on my life. At first, art was merely a way of coping with the transition but later, due to my limited English, art became my tool for self-expression. In my work I document this journey of adapting to living in the United States, all while looking back at what I left behind in México.

The challenge of being bicultural and bilingual is that I live concurrently in two different worlds. I have learned to adapt to live in these two worlds, but adapting involves expanding and losing part of who I am, so I often find myself in the middle of these two territories. Everywhere I live, I am a foreigner.

The content of mywork is socio-political and is driven by my life experiences. In my work I explore the themes of colonization, migration (voluntary or involuntary), “the other,” stereotypes and cultural appropriation. I take an interdisciplinary approach with my work by choosing the media that will best fit the idea I am trying to convey. As an artist I feel I have the responsibility to address the issues that affect my community, create awareness and propose actions through my art.

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About Salvador

Salvador Jiménez-Flores is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Jalisco, México. Since coming to the United States, Jiménez-Flores has contributed to the Midwest art scene by producing a mixture of socially conscious installation, public, and studio-based art. He has presented his work at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, and Casa de la Cultura in Jalisco, México amongst others. Recently, Jiménez-Flores was awarded a two year-long artist residency at the Harvard Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard University. Also he serves as the Artist-In-Residence for the City of Boston. He is also Resident Teaching Artist at Urbano Project and instructor at both Wheelock College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Harvard Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard University. Jiménez-Flores received his MFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in Drawing and his BAS from Robert Morris University in Chicago, IL.