Hello Co-design Cooperators!

I am Micky Metts, a member of Agaric, a worker owned cooperative of web developers. We are five people on three continents that work together remotely to build things. Sometimes I am referred to as an Activist Hacker – Industry Organizer – Public Speaker – Visionary.

In the web development community, I am also known as FreeScholar. I support and facilitate people in the cooperative movement to learn about the necessity of engaging in the free software movement.  At events around the country, I speak about free software for community building – networking, privacy, encryption and autonomy.

My past experience includes the creation and development of diverse online communities. I have experience working with large and small teams of programmers to create custom applications for large and small companies using FREE software (fsf.org) and platforms for community use. My entrepreneurship has included the invention of Cyber Weddings and Friend Finder in 1996. My interests include: Drupal, PHP, Community, FREE SOFTWARE, GNU/Linux, VOIP, VoIPdrupal.

Community has always been important to me and collaborative efforts to make the world better are very inspiring. I am really excited about this course and the people involved in making it happen. I recently helped the Free Software Foundation launch a campaign to engage community members – https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/what-is-your-free-software-story