UYC update #9

In-class Presentation
Suggestions of Twilio and Crowdmap
May use part of budget to create upgrade to full Twilio account to create working prototype
We have decided that Twilio will likely work best for our needs, since it allows UYC to have more direct control over getting students to respond. Also, we deemed it not essential to have picture data, because the chances of a student snapping a photo of police abuse in school is not very likely.
Potential workshop with UYC students – waiting to hear from Maria on possible date, as well as the types of questions she wants asked in the Twilio app.
Met with Neo on Monday. Jaime is currently building the back end of the texting platform via Ruby on Rails, and will keep us updated via Currently he estimates the prototype should be completed sometime next week, but will give a better estimate at the end of this week.
Next steps: Design the questions and consult with student group & user test the twilio platform.