SoMove Update #6

(Update from Apr 19)

Comments of the Class Review of our Project Update:

The class brought up many important points during our discussion after our presentation.  Our designs are still at an early stage, as we are still working through the main goal of our project and figuring out what the final product will be – whether it is a place for the community to share their infiltration stories or is it a place for SoMove to control and post stories they feel should be broadcast?  (We are hoping to end with a good combination of both.)

Here are some main points that were brought up during class, as well as our take on them and how we will think about these points in the future:

  • What is infiltration?  This is important to define on the website – if people new to this topic visit our site, we want to make sure that when they leave, they’ll know exactly what it is and how it is defined, and hopefully even be able to cite a few of the stories we share.
  • Concerns about crowd-sourcing the stories:  We are heavily considering a section of the website for people to submit their own stories of infiltration.  The current plan is to allow people to submit stories, and then have a moderator sift through these stories to see if there are any in particular that we want to delve into more.  If there is a particular story we want more information on, SoMove might even fly the submitter in and create a sort of mini-documentary or audio file interview or something that will VISUALLY be put on the website in liu of that story that was submitted.
  • SoMove has a strength, which is recording and producing oral histories (audio & video). There is concern that focusing on crowd sourced content won’t play to this strength enough:  We do not want all the stories on the site to be text based, because SoMove is an ORAL HISTORY focused organization – they thrive off of audio and visual formats, not text!  We want to adhere to that philosophy and provide them a platform where they can add their video or audio files, as well as attach relevant text files or pdfs for viewers to access.