SoMove Update #5

(April 13th Update)

Around spring break, we came up with some ideas on how to format information on a website.  We decided to focus on gathering stories from people and organizations that have been infiltrated, and the decision now had to be made on how to best visualize all these stories.  Here is a presentation with updates on our project’s current standing, and towards the end are some sketches of design ideas we had.  One is text based and another is video/media based – but the one that our collaborator, SoMove, liked the best is the map visualization.

Sort of thinking along the lines of GoogleMaps, Richard and I thought we could have a map background and pinpoints on the map of where sources of infiltration happened – and when the user clicked on one of these points, a story or new web page would pop up, describing the occurrence.  (We don’t want to focus on a “GoogleMap” format though – we want a map visualization, but do not necessarily want to be tied to Google – we want our own identity.)

The benefits of having a map visualization:  1) It would allow us to organize stories by location, and maybe even extent of infiltration. 2) We can easily see that many occurrences are happening within a certain area. 3) It’s more visual and interactive for the user – always a plus!

Next on the agenda is coming up with different designs for a map-visualization, and figuring out the structure of the website.