ACLU + The Guardian Project Case Study and Hackathon

We’re hacking away on the application, copy, and text right now!!

Case study:

Apologies for the brevity, will update later with more info but hacking away!!

== Update ==

Today we had a day-long, team hackathon with help from people outside the team too!  It was a lot of fun and very successful.  We were able to get a lot going with our application and have a basic version running for Android devices.  Seen below is the landing page for our application where the user can take actions to get more information (“ABOUT”), or scan the surrounding cell towers (“SCAN”).  The about action will take the user to another screen showing background information on the problem (“What is Spidey”, “What are IMSI-catchers”, “Why be concerned?”, etc.).  The scan action will actually scan and persist cell tower information.

Spidey landing page

Landing page for the Spidey application. Scan button in upper right will scan and persist cell towers. About button brings up additional information on the application and problem at hand (IMSI-catchers, Stingray devices).


With the initial version of our application running, we have a better idea on how to build out more features and are constantly coming up with new ideas.  We’re focusing on building out very clean scanning information for comparison and storage that will allow for us to do more with the data.  In addition to the application we’re working on copy for our promo website and the Google play store.