SoMove, Update #3

This week, we met with our organization again to present the persona’s we had created after class last week. Our organization’s lead contact Puck had some input and we defined assignments to find people who would be in the persona categories of “activist,” “affected,” “general user”.  Lot of ideas related to the design of the site were shared in the meeting.  Puck had questions surrounding what specific kinds of CoDesign users there might be in the process as well as the possibility of making a booth for recording/page for recording.  We decided that if possible, we want the site to be interactive, and not just a display of stories.  For affected users, it would be best if there were ways for people to share their own stories alongside those we’ve already posted, and for activists, it would be great to have a plan of where to go next and who to contact, instead of just a list of other organizations and sites.

We also started drafting the working agreement. We will work this week before class to work on a final draft of the MOU.  We will be working to come up with contract, goals and what is generally expected to be the outcome of this project.  We will focus on  how to use the budget, defining a manageable scope; and waiting for print information.  We will need this to figure out how to design the site and capture stories and recorded info.  The SoMove tour starts mid-april. In our planned meeting this week is we hope to get some feedback on our user stories and also some input on the working agreement. We will continuously work on the working agreement through this week.