EFF: Project Update #5


Over the past two weeks, we have signed our working agreement, met with Jillian to go over some ideas and wireframes, and been introduced to two new EFF members, Hugh from the design team (designed the logo above) and Mark from the tech team.

During our meeting with Jillian, we showed her two mockups of the SSD site, one for the homepage and one for a content module. We also discussed our ideas for making the content more interactive and bite-sized such as Prezis or Buzzfeed-style articles. Since the content needs to be available in many different languages, we have to keep in mind how to make these content bits easily translatable. Jillian also sent us the module list, so we are beginning to organize the modules for the site’s navigation bar.

Jillian also introduced us to Hugh (design) and Mark (tech). Mark has added us to the github repository for the working version of the SSD site, so we will begin exploring what they have implemented and how to work from there.

We will be meeting with Jillian, Eva, Mark, and Becky on Monday (3/31) to go over the more technical aspects of the site and to plan out an implementation schedule.

We will show the class our wireframes and example interactive modules on Wednesday during the project presentations.

– Paulina & Wei-Wei