EFF: Project Update #4

This past week, we met up with Eva. Going over the threat model workshop and the personae together really helped us to understand what kinds of people might access the website. We also discussed the “Being an Ally” component of the site, as well as how someone might want to access the site (ie. what are they looking for? Why would they use this site? How will they navigate through it? What are the specific countersurveillance measures certain people might need?)
Moving forward, we’ve started to think really critically about how to visualize all of the complicated text in smaller, more interactive pieces, and we’ve also started wireframing a few things and talking through our design likes/dislikes (we’re anti-carousels, but they may be our best option?). We’ll be meeting with Jillian this week, so we should have some visuals to share soon.
Our Working Agreement is here.
– Paulina & Wei-Wei