EFF: Project Update #2

We learned a lot at this past weekend’s DiscoTech! It was great to see people from a lot of different backgrounds discussing stories about and problems with surveillance.
To help with our project with the EFF, we held a threat model workshop, allowing people to map their assets and what threats may target those assets as well as the level of risk associated with threats gaining access to assets.
We also provided people with potential scenarios to create threat models if they did not want to make their own.
We envisioned this as a way to gauge what types of asset/threat combinations people are aware of as well as what level of action people are willing to take on their high-risk assets. Since we are hoping to make the EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense website more accessible to more people, this is important information for us to have about our target user population.┬áMoving forward, we want to make the information more visual and bite-sized, and we’re excited to start wireframing and designing this week!
– Wei-Wei & Paulina

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  1. Hey EFF Team!
    This looks great — can you also post a link (in comments or in a separate post) with a link to your workshop facilitation guide?

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