ACLU + The Guardian Project update

This week we have come up with a name for our project, calling it Spidey.  This stems from Spiderman’s sixth sense that alerts him when danger is imminent.  Moreover, it highlights the telecomm network as a web of signals and routes that our phones and communication signals are caught up in.

We have completed and (mostly) signed our project proposal and working agreement.  Additionally, we’re meeting in person later this week to finalize everything before break and layout goals and deadlines for project work.

Finally, Nathan set up our project tracker on The Guardian Project’s project tracker.  They use it to build all of their apps, so it makes sense to use this workflow.  Once we are ready we will also put in milestones, features tickets, etc. and link in our source code repo, tie into our build server, etc so they are tracked as part of the open-source project.