I’m Daniel!

Hey everyone, I’m Daniel Wang, a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. My background is in medical devices and I plan to attend medical school. I have had lots of experience with mechanical design and am currently involved in the Gordon Engineering Leadership program, in which I have taken several design classes. I am very interested in technology innovation and designing better products than the ones currently on the market. I believe the design experience I will gain from MIT will surely assist my career as an engineer-physician.

My reason for taking this CMS class consists of two reasons. First, having never taken a CMS class before, I thought it would be an interesting and fresh perspective different from my normal engineering classes. Secondly, I am interested in the design aspect of this class as it pertains to social and lifestyle design, which is very different than product design.

As for the 2/11 protests, I mainly followed some of the posts on Reddit. The topics were overwhelmingly about the NSA and made me think more about my position on the NSA. When all the leaks started coming out I didn’t think too much of it since much of the surveillance were supposed to be deemed against “non American citizens”. I never really followed in detail all the NSA revelations after the initial leaks. However, some of the arguments and articles presented on the protest pages highlight the deeper reaches of the NSA. For instance, the interception of foreign private communications and cracking cell phones are a huge concern for everyone. In addition, the NSA is able to install many decoy objects that serve as secret surveillance tools. I think the NSA’s overreach is a burden US citizens don’t need and a threat to a stable government in the future. After reading through the protest pages and information, I believe I came out with a better understanding of the NSA and will be more active in my opposition and awareness as well.Mosaic