Hi, I’m Wei-Wei


Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany, but I usually go by Wei-Wei, so you can call me either. I am a junior at MIT in Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) and minoring in CMS. I enjoy building things from end to end, so I have a lot of web app experience and am working on my mobile skills. I like to make video games, and I love doing Hackathons.

I am taking this class because I would like to get more experience working with and designing for a specific client, and the issues presented in the first class seem interesting problems to tackle. I am excited to learn more about Civic Media and the codesign process, and to work with the project partners!

Today for the February 11th protest, I shared the Day We Fight Back link on Facebook and sent an email to legislators about the USA Freedom Act and FISA Improvements Act. I personally have not paid much attention to the NSA issues except for whatever news stories I happen to read, but after reading about it on Reddit and doing some of my own research, I think it’s important for people to know what information is being spied upon and be able to make educated decisions to protect their privacy. Without this class I would not have known about this protest as I did not see anything about it on Facebook or on Reddit really, so I hope my sharing of the link encouraged more people to take a look and educate themselves about the issues as I did.