Urbano PARTI!


Abstract: The goal of the Participatory ARtistic Traveling Installation (PARTI) is to raise public awareness about Urbano and engage diverse communities in imagining their Emancipated City of Boston. Currently, Urbano has consistent reach with their students and the families of their students, but not much more beyond that network. With PARTI, we created an interactive opportunity for Urbano to expand its reach in Boston and beyond; collect and share ideas of what an Emancipated City looks like from different points of view–this includes people from different neighborhoods, age and ethnic groups, and more; and allow Boston residents to speak on issues of social justice and inequality such as residential segregation, immigration, and police enforcement.  We want PARTI to help amplify the voices of Boston residents, as they are the best people to ask what works well and what needs improvement in their own neighborhoods. The physical installation of PARTI is a reusable and mobile tool for future Urbano projects and themes.

Final Case Study: http://bit.ly/1e1qQS8

Final Presentation: http://bit.ly/1bB72la