ZUMIX Update: 2nd Project Iteration and Presentation

Following feedback from the class exercise and the first project iteration, we have decided on the some changes for our ZUMIX radio project.

On the technical side, we have decided to purchase a smart radio that comes with the capability to stream internet radio instead of building our own with a raspberry pi. This will save us a lot of time not reinventing the wheel and will be more maintainable once we hand off the project. Originally, we discussed using a 3D printer to print out the final product, but since it is hard to get access to one, we have now decided to laser cut acrylic(hard clear plastic) sheets and piece it together.

At the last design workshop, the youth DJs came up with a few models for how the outward appearance of the radio should look. Going forward, we will choose one of them for laser cutting so that we will have a solid outer casing that the youth can then decorate. We will put our smart radio inside the casing and attach speakers for the final product.Carrie researched some of the qualities and specs we want in a speaker and have come up with 3 candidate choices. The research on speakers is found here.

Last class, someone had suggested that we put a phone next to our radio so people can call in and put in song requests. We thought that was a cool idea and would address some of the social impact challenges we had regarding this project. In particular, one concern we had after the FAIL workshop was that this project would get neglected, so the phone is a good idea for making it more interactive and interesting.

Our presentation is a work in progress and can be viewed here.

2 thoughts on “ZUMIX Update: 2nd Project Iteration and Presentation

  1. Great presentation, and decisions on what to buy and what to build (especially for long-term sustainability). Even if having a phone installed nearby doesn’t work out, having a number to call/text clearly displayed would be a great move.

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