ZUMIX Radio Update

This past week has been quiet, but productive. Each of the team members has been working on individual components of the larger project. Qian created a basic template version of the website we’ll use for our final documentation. More pictures and content will be added later, as we finalize things. She’s also planning to add more colors and play around with the theme. Qian is also taking on Sasha’s recommendation for us to make an instructables site, which can be completed after Carrie finishes CADding and laser cutting (because we get to do cool stuff like CAD and cutting things with lasers in this group!). Over the weekend, Carrie produced a first version of the CAD model. Some issues with the dimensions required a “redo,” but the final model is finished and the laser cutting should be complete by class time on Tuesday!

On the less technical side of things, Ashwin and Courtney have been searching for our team’s back-up Plan B, the old-time radio. We’ve found some leads on craigslist, but haven’t been able to locate one that meets our specifications or price point. Ashwin and Courtney have also been working to craft the case study narrative and workshop template, which is still in draft form.
We’re looking forward to seeing the laser cut Flying Z guitar this week. We’re also looking forward to another workshop with the youth DJs on December 2, when they’ll put the finishing touches on the radio-guitar. We’ll keep you posted!