Urbano: Presentation!

We got some great feedback during last week’s lecture. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Here are the highlights, courtesy of our representative, Birkan.

  • Buy a hotspot to solve the internet/network problem
  • If the internet is down for some reason, show a stream of photos from people who have participated before
  • Ask Urbano if they are willing to take care of the maintenance of PARTI (hardware, software)
  • Make the suitcase appealing. This is about using visual signifiers like putting stickers of places that the PARTI has been to before
  • Take PARTI to places where tourists do not visit, or talk to organizations who are doing “Emancipated City” related projects and display PARTI there (target audience is current residents)

With this feedback in mind, we launched into our second product iteration. We looked into purchasing the key components of our installation, mainly the screen and the suitcase. After hearing the opinions of the Urbano staff, we decided to go with a “vintage”-looking suitcase. And after some careful searching on eBay, we settled on a couple nice options.

Green Suitcase Orange suitcase

We also explored some different screen options, compared here.

Although our final presentation will be in powerpoint, here is a collaborative googledoc version for the blogpost.

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  1. Things are really shaping up! Can’t wait to see the presentation (I’ve requested access).

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