Some updates and our presentation

Following one of the suggestions after our project proposal, we tried to simplify the logic tree of our hotline. The main idea is to eliminate any unnecessary complexity and focus on the messages we want to convey.

Douglas has done some draft drawings that will be part of the visual identity of our project. We also talked to our developers at TerraVoz in order to get their feedback on the project specifications.

This week will be busy!

Tomorrow, we are going to present the evolution of our project so far. You can check our presentation here:

We will probably tweak the slides before the Codesign Studio class but the main ideas are there.

Our NuLawLab partners will have their final official session on Wednesday at 6 pm at Northeastern University. They will be presenting their research on domestic workers’ rights and some new material related to the MA Bill of Rights.

On Thursday, we are going to record some sample episodes at Brazilian Immigrant Center (BIC) with a small group of domestic workers.

1 thought on “Some updates and our presentation

  1. Glad to see this moving forward. Your presentation is clear enough that I could tell what you were talking about, despite not being able to be present.

    You’ve done a great job of holding onto something engaging and lively. Often, when in a diverse group of people, we go for the blandest option to make sure everyone is happy. Thank you for pushing!

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