REV- / BIC “Claro Que Si!” Update

After reviewing our presentation feedback our team has decided to change some things to make our Co-Design process more transparent. We realized this was an issue since there are many partners helping out in this project and it was hard to make clear who was doing what.

We have not documented the process as well as possible to show exactly how we are interacting and including domestic workers in our project. Mostly since REV- is the only part of the team that has had the time to meet with domestic workers in person. This project is following the Co-Design process, it just takes a lot of intermediaries to close the feedback loop.

An example of how our process works, which wasn’t explained well during our presentation, is how our characters for our hotline are being designed. After holding ideation sessions with both domestic workers and all project partners (NEU, MIT Students and REV-) we collected sketches and compiled them.



I made vectors out of the sketches which REV- took back to show domestic workers at BIC.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.44.49 AM

With that feedback from those sessions I am now currently redesigning the characters. This closes the loop of communication. Once I make edits they will again be given to REV- which will share them with domestic workers for final approval.

Christian Landeros will be in charge of starting and maintaining the documentation of our project. I will continue to design the graphics for our campaign as well as begin our tumblr based website. Alexandre Goncalves (as well as the rest of the MIT Co-Design Team) will be ensuring that we can start user testing our hotline as soon as possible in the next two weeks.





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  1. It’s great to read more about your process and how your large team is coordinating the codesign activities.

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