Brief Update

On Thursday, we talked for a while about how we need to not only create a specific narrative around the housing crisis, but also a broader narrative around capitalism so that other individuals/organizations can adapt the games to the justice issues they work on.  The toolkit will address both narratives.

We also started to flesh out how the carnival will be set up — how will people move through the carnival (in groups or not) and if there will be a ‘ringleader’ of sorts navigating people through the current housing market system or just a barker at every game who can tell part of the narrative.

We realized that we were creating the games in isolation of the narrative we were trying to get across, and we need to link them together. So we also worked on fleshing out the overall narrative we are trying to convey, which will combine the three CL/VU campaigns, and are ensuring that the games will fit into that narrative.

For our meeting this Thursday:

Nene will create an outline that will serve as the foundation of the toolkit

Terry will create a solutions game

Mike will get us another meeting with the BTA leadership team so we can playtest games/get ideas for how to tie data points to specific games.

Dara will continue to flesh out a narrative around the housing crisis that will more coherently connect to the games.