Urbano: Weekly Update

Despite our best efforts to find a common time when everyone was available, we weren’t able to meet as of the time this blog post is being written. As such, our team has been utilizing several googledocs as well as online chatting to discuss our MOU. In our discussions about decision making in particular, Peter proposed using the framework proposed by Seeds for Change, which ties in collaborative and participatory aspects, values that Urbano strives to promote as an organization.

Our MOU can be found here!

1 thought on “Urbano: Weekly Update

  1. Howdy! Glad to see things being worked on, and the update is useful to see things progressing. If you allow commenting abilities to willow dot bl00 at gmail, I will give some feedback on your MOU in detail.

    Your asks from them are solid and clear – I assume your offers to them will become more defined after you meet. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

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