Peter says hi, too.

I am originally from in and around Milwaukee, WI, moved to the Twin Cities for college and stayed a while, now I am here in Somerville. Since graduating from college I have worked with the crew of a teen produced television show, taught art and video production at community media centers, libraries, museums, and parks, and produced videos for exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Most recently, most of my paid work was as a youth worker/manager with the Teen Tech Crew, a crew of 9 high schoolers who teach creative technology workshops for peers in 3 libraries. I also organize a bi-monthly community video screening in Minneapolis to try and get folks who haven’t produced media before to give it a try, and provide a space for experienced folks to share their work.

I’m really interested in personal and community storytelling, museums, informal education, community media/technology, social change movements and the overlap of all of these things. I am currently an EdM student in the Technology, Innovation, Education program at the Harvard Ed school.