Final Presentation and Next Steps

I am happy that I got the chance to grapple with creating Civic Media in a studio setting. Being exposed to how civic design is tackled from an academic and codesign standpoint opened me to some new considerations:

  1. Creative projects can have structure.
  2. There is a good deal of usefulness to legal agreements. They protect the interests and define the goals of creative projects. MOU’s are definitely things that I will look more into in the future.
  3. Everyone comes in with biases. By having structured conversations- running workshops, creating timelines, using sticky notes you can reveal some biases and problems that you may have missed.

By reading papers such as the Bespoke Project, journalism as a catalyst for change, and  seeing how other people in the class designed and worked to expose their own biases when it came to their projects I was motivated to make my project better and smarter- learning from those around me.

My final presentation, a Prezi can be seen here.

The Tech Article, The Art of Advocacy at MIT, was Published this past Tuesday!  I was able to use it to introduce myself to Jonte, the new UA President when I dropped by the UA offices yesterday afternoon.

The Next Steps are putting the work that was done this semester to good use and planning for next term. I am set to meet with Kate at the end of this week and have offered HIA’s findings and documentation as something the UA can use as they move to implement online resources for Undergrads to Use to stay updated on institute events (Tech Article advice #1: Make interactions more transparent by developing online platforms that are relevant, easy, and efficient. )