Summary of Press Pass TV Co-Design Meeting on March 21, 2012


Yesterday we had a highly productive meeting with Rogelio, Song, Sumona and Sujata attending.  During this time, we fleshed out the work plan, which we will share with Cara this Friday, March 23rd.

In our meeting, we discussed topics such as the different branches of the Respect in Reporting Campaign; these ‘branches’ are dubbed Areas in the work plan.  Under each of these areas are ‘to-do’s to address a particular area.

In addition, the work plan includes

  • Detailed definitions of how tasks are defined
  • The collaborators on the workplan
  • Types of meetings we will have and who will be involved
  • Logistics of project documentation
  • Information about Website Design/Online Tools and Widgets/Social Media Strategies
  • Basic information for Outreach to
  1. Community
  2. Media
  3. Collaborators

At the meeting we also had some generative dialogue on what might be various purposes for the different workshops and also techniques and strategies that we have individually learned about for facilitating storytelling among people in a community.  One of those ideas came from Chris Johnson’s Question Bridge Project and the storybooths used in the non-profit organization, StoryCorps.  We will also bring up these ideas with Cara when we see her.

What we have found in the last weeks is that as difficult as it is to get a group of us together, given all of our hectic schedules, when we get to really sit down together and collaborate, we not only get a lot done but we get to experience a creative synergy with the different thoughts and ideas which each of us bring to the table.

Because our workplan is so extensive, we have decided to not include it here.  However, anyone who has the time to look at it for critique and/or would like to peruse it for his or her own use, please let us know and we will be happy to share it with you.