Press Pass TV Co-Design Meeting Friday, March 23rd!

Last Friday, March 23rd, the MIT members of the co-design team were able to meet with Cara and her intern in Harvard Square to review both our workplan and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Rogelio went through the major headings of the workplan, explaining the rationale to Cara for each one. She really appreciated the comprehensiveness of the workplan. The MOU we presented was fine and Cara signed on and each member from the MIT side signed on. The next important thing that we really need to get hammered out is how we will conduct the workshops, who will be present, what the content will be and when they will occur. We hope to have the next workshop this Saturday. It is still unclear whether the youth will be involved, but we are brainstorming a number of potential alternative forms of communication through which the Press Pass co-design team can communicate with youth and adult community members. Some of the proposed strategies for getting the youth involved is to use Internet relay chat (IRC), live streaming, conference calling and/or pirate pad.