More thoughts from the PressPassTV Collective

As of the writing of this post, there are five of us from the class working together with PressPassTV: Song, Dan, Rogelio, Sumona and Sujata.  Unfortunately Dan could not join us for the first meeting (as we had scheduling difficulties – sorry Dan!), but the rest of us met.  Sasha suggested that at this meeting, we:

  • Schedule a regular meeting time
  • Figure out skills & roles of each teammate
  • Create a project proposal, together w/Press Pass, so that everyone’s expectations are clear
  • Coordinate w/Cara at Press Pass re: dates for one or more workshops before the end of the semester that include some of the high school students they work with

We worked on the second bullet point.  For the remaining three bullets, we need to make sure that all of the members of the team have been able to collaborate respectively on details of the project proposal and mutually convenient dates for meetings and workshops.

To create, what we dubbed our ‘collective resume’, we each went around and listed things we each felt we may be able to bring to the project proposal: knowledge, skills and competencies garnered from educational, professional and volunteer experiences.  When we meet with both Cara and Dan and figure out the details of the project proposal, this collective resume could be a good way to start figuring out where each of us may play a useful role for PressPassTV’s needs and our own interests and passions.   If anyone in the class is interested in seeing the minutes for our meeting, they follow.

Cheers. 😉


Co-Design PPTV Meeting 1: “Creating a Collective Resume”

Skills & Competencies


  • Communications and interviews with diverse groups (e.g., Have done many focus groups with individuals with HIV and AIDS
  • Taking content and making it amenable to different audiences.
  • Comfortable with ethnography.
  • Comfortable with writing: blogs, prose, etc.


  • Video
  • Graphic design
  • theater based workshops
  • Weird public art stuff


  • Speak fluent Mandarin
  • Technical skills in video and media production, video-filming and editing
  • Working on an IT training program
  • Worked with a youth retreat program – so got experience working with children (teenagers) and they had their own media production program and it was also a leadership development program
  • Statistics


  • Come from a background of community organizing which entails: general forms of community outreach, media creation, video audio, poster-flyer production, video and audio software for editing, programming experience (Python, Java, HTML), ethnographic work, participant observation/interviews, literature review
  • Speak fluent Spanish – good at transcription

What needs to get done (Proposed ROLES):

  • Photographs/video: Song
  • Blogging: weekly status blog: Rogelio/Sujata
  • Coding: Dan.
  • Graphic Design: Sumona
  • Coordinator: Rogelio in charge of Google Groups, Meetings, Emails.
  • Booki Group: Rogelio and Sujata.
  • Notes: All of us – depending upon that particular instance where note-taking needs to take place


  • Create document that sets parameters for written documentation.
  • Sumona: document for post-observation feedback.
  • Project Proposal: Respect in Reporting.  Create new google.
  • Create Booki group Google document with project breakdown.
  • Setting up meeting with Sujata.
  • Follow-up with Cara.
  • Invite Cara to Google Groups.


This still needs to be developed, as we are yet to meet with both Cara and Dan as a whole group.  However, the following are ideas floating around in our collective ether:

  • NewsJack
  • Drop the ‘I-Word Campaign’
  • Summary of Rogelio and Cara Meeting:  Met with Cara: 1 page overview/proposal is in the works.  We are working towards developing a work-plan and setting up regular meetings.  We will be working with the undergraduate interns directly, and on occasion with the youth members.  What is needed from MIT: collaborate with the interns and youth to design the Respect in Reporting Campaign. There will be many dimensions: tool development not the only component.  With our group: organize documenting process of the process.  Develop a system for keeping track of the project with the e-book/published work in mind.  Build: video of minority media representation.







Press Pass TV Co-Design Group

Yesterday the group working with Press Pass TV on Respect in Reporting got together to talk planning and logistics on our part. Our group consists of 5 people: Sujata, Sumona, Song, Dan, and Rogelio. Our first task was to create a collective resume of all of our strengths/skills/qualities in order to understand what we are each bringing to the table. Our group created a Google Group for this project as a means of having a central location with all documents and communication. We have a great mix of different skills sets that I am sure will come in handy during the semester. The skills varied from blogging experience, community organizing/outreach, quantitative data methods, video creation, to strong prose writing. Furthermore, we were also able to divide our project into different roles that will be needed, such as: a research team assigned to document the co-design process with video and audio, and a team to work on the booki project on a weekly basis. At the end of our meeting, we came up with key objectives/goals. Another post will follow this one that includes our meeting notes.