Documenting Student Activity to Increase Visibility/Community

I have received a lot of concern on the side of what I hope to accomplish. I hope that can be ameliorated through some of the statements below.

Monday HIA Meetings are a recurring opportunity to evaluate the design of the proposed website in terms of other HIA goals. This helps to put HIA’s desires out on the table.

Meetings with the actual community partner are in the works and will take place:

Interest has been communicated to one of the organizers of The Forum, an MIT student group that has politically relevant discussions. A time to meet will be set this weekend.

Next Tuesday 6-7PM I will attend the TGBSM group meeting. To format that meeting in the right light I will send an email to the group’s organizers.

Tentative CoDesigned Workshop || The Infographic

Grunt Work || Headshots and PSC and SAO Student Group Resource Documentation