Consensus design schedule

Forward progress in the consensus design  project has been slow; getting started with one-on-one interviews has been stalled by the slow grind of research bureaucracy.  But here’s the tentative schedule we’re working on.  Eric will be heading up some workshops in the Providence area, and I’ll run some in Boston (and one in Texas, with one of our community partners).

  • Complete 1-on-1 interviews by March 17/18.  I have a list of 20 or so folks who are eager; just waiting on the paperwork to give a goahead for the protocol.  This may have to push back later depending on the speed of the bureaucracies.
  • First Boston/Providence workshops by March 17/18.
  • First testable prototype by March 31, with minimum testable functionality.
  • Workshop in Texas on March 31.
  • Second Boston/Providence workshops by April 15.
  • Second round of prototype iteration by April 31.
  • Documentation of this phase of design process by May 15.

So in total: interviews with 15-20 people, 4 workshops, and 2 prototype iterations.  It’s possibly ambitious, but I like that.