First meeting of the codesign studio class

After the first half of the class, which was taken up by a course overview, a round of introductions, and a discussion of logistics, we created a collaborative drawing of ‘design:’

We did one round of drawing, then stopped to discuss what each person created, then did a second round based on adding elements we thought were missing.

Keywords from the first explanation stage: cooperative learning, conversation (+1), foundational support, creating object, hypodermic needle, extraction, inspiration, creative commons, dialoge, local community, disconnect, no time, synthesis, peer production, question/need, commons, organic process, inferences, conflict, pedagogy.

Keywords from the second stage: sabotage, big picture, vision, capital, perfect/good, different processes, phases, project evolution, consensus, space & time, typology, time +1, environmental resources, influence, community access, food, governance, constraints (law, social norms), emerging structure, structural forces & constraints.