EFF: Project Update #3

For this week, we worked on solidifying our personae (user stories) and Working Agreement. At the moment, the SSD is intended for journalists and activists – people who need solid information on the logistics of how to protect their data/information. Some of the other personae are people who might need more basic information, such as the average college student, or a community organizer.

We also started to talk about the “fun” aspects of the site to engage people who are not as proactive about properly protecting their digital assets – we (and a lot of our friends) are really into Buzzfeed quizzes (like this one), so we were thinking something along the lines of that. We might also be developing an actual workshop module for the Threat Model workshop, but we’ll see.

We’ll be meeting with Eva (Jillian’s out) – and this week, Bex as well – on Wednesday, right before class, so we’ll definitely have more concrete ideas of how we’ll be moving forward by then.

- Paulina & Wei-Wei

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EFF: Project Update #2

We learned a lot at this past weekend’s DiscoTech! It was great to see people from a lot of different backgrounds discussing stories about and problems with surveillance.
To help with our project with the EFF, we held a threat model workshop, allowing people to map their assets and what threats may target those assets as well as the level of risk associated with threats gaining access to assets.
We also provided people with potential scenarios to create threat models if they did not want to make their own.
We envisioned this as a way to gauge what types of asset/threat combinations people are aware of as well as what level of action people are willing to take on their high-risk assets. Since we are hoping to make the EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense website more accessible to more people, this is important information for us to have about our target user population.┬áMoving forward, we want to make the information more visual and bite-sized, and we’re excited to start wireframing and designing this week!
- Wei-Wei & Paulina
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EFF: Project Update

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On Thursday, we had our first Skype meeting with Jillian from the EFF (Eva and Jillian are both going to be our point people). We thought it went really well – we’re excited for the semester!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an organization devoted to fighting for our (by which we mean internet users’) rights online, which can include, among other things, free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights. Founded in 1990, the EFF is made up of a mix of lawyers, activists, and technologists, who work together to defend the general public’s digital rights.

The project we’re working on is an update and extension to their Surveillance Self Defense project, which aims to educate users about electronic government surveillance and how to properly defend themselves against possible threats. Although the project was initially addressed at an American audience, they’re hoping to make it more international, with the work translated into several different languages. Additionally, the hope is, in conjunction with various partners, to create content “playlists” for specific audiences. A college student in California, for example, might not want/need the same level of surveillance self-defense as a journalist working in Syria.

Our goal, therefore, is to work with them to create this online resource. One of the challenges for us is that the website needs to be easily accessible/modifiable, and since the EFF is already using Drupal, it makes sense for us to build on that. Although we’re feeling pretty good about our website design skills, neither of us have worked with Drupal before, so we’ll see what we can do.

For the Discotech this coming weekend, we’ll be running a Threat Model workshop, working on building visual representations of threat models. Stay tuned for details!

- Paulina and Wei-Wei

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