Press Pass TV Co-Design Meeting Wednesday, April 4th

  • This Wednesday April 4th , the MIT members of the co-design team met with Cara at PPTV office. The goal of the meeting was to explain to Cara everything we did at workshop1 (mock workshop on Saturday March 31) and discuss what we will do next. One youth leader from PPTV, Nicole, also participated in the discussion.  She works with Cara as a community outreach coordinator.
  • We, the MIT team, tried to map out the website based on our role-play in workshop 1. For more information about the workshop, please see our previous post  (
  • What PPTV has done for the campaign and the website:
    • Cara told us the expectation to the website from PPTV’s side. Like “one of the things we want on the website is a list of guidelines – so connecting each guideline to a story”. She furthered explained the rationale behind the guideline.  The “Respect in Reporting campaign” is a media justice campaign to advocate building a mechanism to keep different kinds of media accountable for their reports of low-income communities.
    • Cara also showed us the current structure of the wordpress website that PPTV will use in the campaign.  PPTV has designed a rough mock-up page for the campaign. They have one graphic designer and Cara will manage the website.
  • The MIT team, Cara and Nicole then discussed what we shall do next. MIT team will organize workshop 2 for youth on next Wednesday (11th). Cara will assist to invite youth to participate in the workshop. MIT team will meet Monday 10 at Harvard squire to finalize the contents for the workshop. Cara will launch the wordpress website and will set up google analytic for the website.




community-describe the community

The community I hope to work with will be a Boston based community which we would have chance to communicate with the members in a face to face style. Our first week readings show that in codesign, local community is considered as codesigners rather than consumers or test subject. The design process must actively involve the local community.  Thus, face to face communication is important for the success of a codesign project. Second, I hope my expertise has a good match with the need of the community. As a communication and media researcher, among the current list of potential community partners, I thought Press Pass TV has a good fit with my expertise. ( I am also interested to work with some NGOs who have interest to web2.0 technologies because my experience in Web2.0 and communication capacity training in NGO2.0 project will be helpful for the organization. ( )