The organization I’m working with is the Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition (MTPC). This is my positionality regarding our working relationship.

  • I’m a college student, so more likely to be listened to than a child, but less likely to be listened to than a professional. However, I’ll be likely to be regarded as someone who will know how to reach people and be tech-savvy.
  • I am a White Mexican, so I’m already at an advantage of credibility over someone who maybe doesn’t read as White. (unfortunately so, but how working in the United States just happens to work.)
  • I have post-secondary education. I am in college, so that gives me more credibility in the eyes of Adults over someone who never went to college or finished high school.
  • My biological sex is female. Old White Dudes are prone to be patronizing because of this.
  • Sexual orientation is WEIRD, man. I feel like it’s hard to really talk about without addressing my own gender identity, which is also weird and in flux.
  • I have dual citizenship with Mexico. That has to be an advantage somehow.
  • I was raised as Catholic but am no longer practicing. This might help me appeal to religious people, since I’m familiar with Christianity and can draw from that.
  • I don’t come from a background of poverty, so I have more access to resources.
  • English is one of my first languages, so that is an advantage for me.
  • Gender identity is still something I’m figuring out, as I said before. BUT, I am working with MTPC, who is focused on the politics surrounding gender identity, so maybe I’ll figure myself out more when I work with them. They’re like the perfect people to work with.

What I hope to gain from working with MTPC:

  •  I hope to gain experience working with an organization who values a cause that is important to me.
  • I hope to gain design experience, and help people while doing so.
  • I am particularly interested in helping people like me, who are still Figuring Things Out.
  • I ALSO just hope to be a Force For GoodTM
the Power Flower!

the Power Flower!

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