Interview with Dom from Zumix

Last week, I interviewed Dom, a student at Zumix. I opened the conversation by asking Dom about his work at Zumix and how he got involved. Dom first joined because his father signed him up for classes, but since then, he has found a family at Zumix. Currently, Dom and his class are working on a compilation of street interviews from members of East Boston and youth activist about gentrification. HIs ultimate goal is to raise awareness about systemic gentrification in East Boston and to spread information about gentrification resources. Much like the guest speaker noted in our class last week, Dom pointed out that though many Latinos in East Boston are aware that many landlords are raising rent prices, there is little knowledge of resources and legal options to keep their homes. We also discussed the language barrier that prevents many families from seeking legal action, which he says makes displacement disproportionally worse for latinos in the area.

Though only 16, Dom had an extensive knowledge of gentrification and its┬ádetriments and injustice. He hopes to continue to work on the issue and hopes that stories like the ones he is collecting spread all over Boston–and to lawmakers who have the power to protect more East Bostonians through legislation.

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