Interview with Zumix – Dom

I interviewed Dom, a student from East Boston High School, who takes classes at Zumix. Dom was a resident of East Boston, and had been a part of Zumix for the past year.

My interview with Dom was very interesting because not only was I taken aback by the eloquence of such a young boy, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that he knew how to operate the radio booth and was learning audio editing skills.

One of the most relatable things for me in my interview with Dom was thw conversation we had about the understanding of gentrification amongst the teens of East Boston. Dom said that for many of his friends, gentrification didn’t mean very much because they had never seen what was before. He said that he has very recently started working on the gentrification project. As a part of the project he tries explaining the meaning and consequences of gentrification to the youth of East Boston. Dom stressed on the importance of youth movements in order to really make changes.

Dom hopes to continue working on gentrification even after he is done with his classes at Zumix.

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