Social Justice Hackathon Missed-Class Makeup Blog Post

A lot of effort as been made to make hackathons across the country more inclusive, equitable, and aligned with social justice. One important aspect of hackathon social justice is women’s rights and the need for equality in the tech industry. A typical hackathon will only have about 20% women which is very far off from a 50/50 goal. However, there have been efforts made and strategies layed out in order to achieve more equality like prioritizing women in hackathons, setting clear goals, identifying key roadblocks, and incorporating men. With the use of many of these strategies, people were able to organize many women focused tech events like the AngelHack in Gaza and future hackathons like the Women Who Code Hackathon which will be taking place in late July of 2017. The goal of these events is to obviously incorporate more women into hackathons, but the main strategy they use is to spread the word about gender equality and give women more confidence to work in the tech industry.

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