Interview with Rebecca: “Keeping Women’s Rights Safe, In Every Situation”


I’m making this post very late because I’ve missed several classes due to migraines, conflicts and travel. I’m back from out of state and I’ll be at class tonight. I’m currently reviewing the readings so I can participate in class.

I completed my interview March 7 at 4:45PM with Rebecca Hornstein, a student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Rebecca is a student at CRLS who works on the leadership of the feminism club at CRLS and has helped run youth zine workshops with an emphasis on social justice.

We met at a pizza place in Cambridge and talked about the Zine Club and CRLS’ Feminism Club. Here is the audio file:

Rebecca is under 18 years old, so I am currently arranging for her parents to sign off on the same permissions as she agreed to.

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