About Me – Nina

Hi all!

My name is Nina, I’m 17 and am currently enrolled as a student at NuVu which is an innovative engineering program for middle and high school students. This year I am taking a gap year between junior and senior year of high school to go to NuVu. I decided to do that because NuVu is a really good fit for my interests. I’m interested in design, engineering, tech, and biology. I also intern at Planned Parenthood and teach sex Ed in middle and high schools around the Boston area. I’m also really into freestyle skiing and I compete in that in the winter and train throughout the year.

One example of youth advocacy that I find really inspiring is an organization called Camions of Care. Camions of Care is an organization that’s goal is to globally distribute menstrual products to people in need. They also work to destigmatize periods in general and celebrate menstrual hygiene and change the idea that periods are something to be ashamed of.


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