About Me: Maxwell

Hello, my name is Maxwell Kreppein and I am currently enrolled at NuVu Studio in Cambridge, MA. I have two older brothers, Jared who is a freshmen at Denver University, and Ben who is a sophomore at Newton North High School. Jared is a one of my biggest inspirations and also one of my biggest supporters. He has helped me to develop my entrepreneurial skills, math skills, and also a lot of my social skills. He also is always at my side when I need help or advice. Ben and I are two years apart and you can probably guess how we interact… as brothers. We are really good friends most if the time but of course we have our moments. Ben has been a great older brother and someone who I can always look to for anything I need. My parents recently filed for a divorce which is pretty tough on me and my brothers, but I know they both have the best interest for me. I have always loved baseball, soccer, and the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is to climb tree and feel the breeze on my back and watch the birds fly around. Something I have a strong passion about is animal rights. I always love seeing fish swim in a lake, or little chipmunks running around my yard. When I see a chipmunk caught in a trap or fish in a tank it really annoys me. People have to think to themselves, “Would I cage a dog for days and nights in one place? Would I set traps to kill bluejays or cardinals? Then why am I killing other innocent animals?” I have included a link to a website in which a couple kids save the day! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/08/0812_020812_TVpuffin_2.html


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