About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Jade and I’m currently attending NuVu this winter term. I am a Junior in high school at Beaver Country Day School and am so excited to be apart of this Civic Media CoDesign class at a school as great as MIT. A little bit about me… I was born in Colombia but adopted at a young age and now live here (a little outside of Boston) My favorite sports to play are field hockey and softball. Although I do love frisbee, football and soccer to play for fun with friends. Music is my go to source for studying and just hanging out. I do not have a favorite type of music. As hard as it is to believe, every genre of music I have heard, I have liked. I want major in marine science or creative writing in college. Although, I have started to enjoy different types of design I’m doing at NuVu and in this class. I love young activists and empowering people in general so being in a class where we will all act as those people is amazing. It’s honestly pretty cool just being a high schooler and getting to join a college course.

This is Katherine Figueroa. She was 9 years old when she was pushed into a life of activism. Her parents were deported in a worksite raid leaving her on her own. She was on T.V trying to reach out the president at the time (Obama) … :( and asking for help immediately. She marched and rallied until her family was finally released.

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/18/us/along-with-dolls-and-stuffed-animals-making-time-for-immigration-activism.html https://youtu.be/skzCc3DRQsk  https://youtu.be/7dLzIVuCgD4

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