Restoring Roots – 4/27 Launching our transmedia campaign

This week on Earth Day we launched our transmedia campaign on Twitter and Instagram using #restoringroots. We started posting original photos and began following like-minded organizations and people.


We also started work on a series of scripts for participants in the campaign to use. Here’s a sample script that Andres wrote usign #restoringroots #green and #healingland :

Script 1:

Would you like to help us heal the land and promote sustainable gardening practices? Help us spread the message of environmental consciousness.  Tweet or share an image on instagram with the hashtag #restoringroots and _______

Express your love for the earth! Share and tweet:

I will try to live more sustainably by ____________________.

I can help heal the land by ________________.

I can help nourish my community by ____________________.

I want to grow __________________ in my neighborhood.


JP Local First, CitySoil, and Renew Boston are now following us on Twitter. All three would make good partner organizations for Restoring Roots. The biggest influencer following us is CityLife/Vida Urbana.

Our next steps are to continue posting content, and increase the frequency of posts. It was suggested in our small group sessions last week that we repost/retweet pictures from popular media sources, such as the Dept. of Interior’s popular Instagram feed. Another important step is to use analytics and start tracking our media presence and landing page.

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