Vida Verde Update: Second Round of Interviews and Revised Business Canvas

As a result of our discussion during the app design exercise last week, we decided to reach out to a broader range of people to conduct this round of interviews. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on clearance to contact clients, but we now have buy-in from VV management and they have decided to reach out themselves, so we hope to have some willing participants soon. We made a Google form at VV’s request to include in their outreach, so ideally that will capture data from a few additional people who would not have participated in the phone interviews.

In the meantime, we asked around within our networks and conducted several interviews with people who get their houses cleaned, but who are not affiliated specifically with VV. We received some interesting feedback regarding the importance of smooth communication in the client-cleaner interaction, which reinforces our hypothesis related to streamlining these processes both internally and externally. Tais also had a chance to interview a couple more VV cleaners to further expand our knowledge base. Our updated communications canvas is HERE. It has not changed drastically as we’re finding that many of our original suspicions were relatively accurate, but we have made some minor edits to ensure that it is up-to-date with our findings.

Additionally, we made contact with Coopify and Maya had a productive conversation with them regarding the synchronicities between our goals, and also some potential other partners for us. At this point it seems that there are some proprietary barriers to us being able to fully access Coopify’s product, but they seemed open to further discussion. They agreed to connect us with Si Se Puede so one of our next steps will be to schedule a call with them to discuss possible areas for collaboration.

Questions that we used this week, along with additional questions that we brainstormed for future conversations can be found HERE.

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