Hello World

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m a first-year Master’s student studying City Planning. I’m originally from a bedroom community of New York City, but I was living in San Francisco for several years before coming to MIT. I’ve shifted my focus a bit in the last year (which prompted the grad school decision), but I have long been interested in projects and organizations that sit at the intersection of technology and social justice.

Accordingly, I originally moved to the Bay Area after college to do AmeriCorps with a multinational nonprofit working to empower underserved communities through technology access, tools, and training. After a bit of bouncing around, I began working with an organization aimed at expanding the availability of high-speed internet in U.S. public schools to democratize access to digital learning tools, with a particular focus on improving outcomes for students in underperforming districts.

Ultimately I realized that my interests were leaning more towards issues of affordable housing, which is what my studies are now focused on, but I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to be involved in this class and to collaborate with such great partner organizations. I think that as we as a society begin to take better stock of what it means to be a valued employee with any shred of work-life balance, the co-op model will be gaining increasing traction as a more humane and sustainable economic model. Looking forward to working with you all!

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