Thank you meeting with Cara from Press Pass TV

Last Friday, Rogelio and I asked Cara if we could meet her for lunch as we had a gift we wanted to give her on behalf of the team.  We decided to go to the farmer’s market, which is now running in Copley Square on Fridays.  It was nice just to stroll around together and we could talk about whatever was on our mind.  What we realized is that we have a really good trusting relationship with Cara and we assume that some of that natural trust was built out of the collaborative processes which were used throughout the semester. Furthermore, even though there was some element of closure in this meeting, we realized that Cara sees us as integral to the campaign after she asked if we could represent the campaign at an upcoming event with an organization that might help support the campaign by increasing its visibility.

Unfortunately, Rogelio and I were not available for that meeting but may help her with similar activities in the near future.

Below is a picture of the farmer’s market in Copley Square.

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