Respect in Reporting Widgets, Websites and Whats…Part I!

“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

Hi Everybody!

Last Wednesday, Sumona had a great meeting with Cara. They finalised the front page of the wordpress blog. Next steps will be to prepare a wireframe for what was finalized at that meeting and update the wordpress page accordingly.

For the Facebook page for RIP, Cara would like to use the same page used for PPTV.

The final two workshops are scheduled for Wednesday (May 2) and Friday (May 4).

Final Workshop #1  - The first one on Wednesday will be about finalizing the online tools and widgets. This workshop will be our responsibility, and Cara will invite people from PPTV to join us (Joanna, Zara and any other interns).  In preparation for this workshop, Song, Rogelio, Sujata and Sumona need to do the background research on different social media tools. Some of the questions we can address about each social media tool are:

1. What kind of content does it support?
2. What are some of the major usage trends?
3. How has it been used for a campaign?
4. How does it integrate with wordpress and facebook?

Final Workshop #2 - The second workshop on Friday will be facilitated by Cara. The key focus of the workshop will be to come up with different solutions for creating spaces for dialogue between youth and journalists. We are really excited about this one!


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